The Reading Scandal

  It reads like a John Grisham novel! An internal Lloyds Banking Group report called “ Project Lord Turnbull Report” was published on Tuesday and alleges serious misconduct by the Bank over the handling and disclosure of fraud on an industrial scale at the HBOS...

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450 More Jobs To Go

  Lloyds Bank have announced a further round of job cuts across the Group with the loss of another 450 jobs. The jobs that will be going are in Commercial Banking, Group Finance, Group Services, Retail, Retail Legal and Transformation.These job losses will have...

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Mental Health and Ethical Working Practices

“When an employee breaks a leg or suffers an infection, we know how to respond. Mental health should be dealt with in the same way. With a culture of adequate support and sufficient time off, an employee can return to work with confidence and without embarrassment.” ...

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Mr Pester Goes To Westminster

  It will become a case study in how not to give evidence to a select committee of the House of Commons. Trying to be funny in front of MPs when thousands of their constituents are having difficulties accessing their bank accounts was not going to win Mr. Pester...

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Compensation For The Staff Mr Pester?

  TSB’s botched IT meltdown has entered its second week and as many as a million customers are still locked out of their accounts. If this disaster continues much into this week, drastic action will need to be taken and those decisions may be taken out of the...

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Is It Time To Go Mr Pester?

  According to TSB customers can now access their accounts on mobile and internet platforms according to the Bank’s website.  However, TSB has limited the number of people who can access their accounts at any one time, because it expects a surge in customers...

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Restrictive Covenants

The Problem This subject is undeniably dry and the implications for most people will not be obvious! Yet, whether they realise it or not, restrictive covenants are a major issue in the employment contracts of many of our members. I said in my last newsletter that it...

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Contract Checking

The Problem Starting new jobs can be exciting if challenging and quite rightly most people approach them with enthusiasm and optimism. No one wants to put a damper on that but there are some realities that it’s worth thinking about before starting a new job. If you...

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Employment Tribunal Victory

The Union has won an important Employment Tribunal case for a member sacked by Lloyds Bank. Although the case involved Lloyds, all members should spend the time reading what happened because the case demonstrates very clearly how many companies fail to deal fairly...

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Advice And Representation – The Need For Speed

• “I never thought they would do it to me.” • “I didn’t expect it to go any further.” • “I thought I could trust my manager.” • “No one told me they thought I was an under-performer.” We hear these comments every week and are not surprised by members’ reactions when...

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